Oppo F11 Pro is another smartphone from the Oppo group of products which is released in the markets. The Oppo F11 Pro is the third smartphone in the series. The device has been designed by the renowned Android expert, Ice Cream Sandwich team. It has been equipped with many useful features which can be very useful for any type of user. The Oppo F11 Pro has been equipped with the amazing OLP BB application which enables the user to track his target on the social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter etc. oppo f11 pro

With the Oppo F11 Pro, the Oppo group has provided users with an enhanced level of satisfaction through the unique blend of affordability and excellent performance. The phone comes with a sleek, high-performing six-inch capacitive touchscreen display of the Sony Ericsson company which displays vivid colors as expected from any leading edge Smartphone in the current market. The phone comes with an impressive camera with built-in image processing engine and other advanced imaging features.

The camera of the Oppo F11 Pro has been constructed with advanced image processing engine and various other functionalities. The camera of the Oppo F11 Pro has been upgraded through the support of 16 MP wide-angle lens and the laser auto focus as well. The lens has been constructed to provide clear pictures even in dimly lit situations. The camera of the Oppo F11 Pro has been equipped with various other highly functionalities. The device also features a heart rate monitor which helps the users keep track of their pulse rates. This is highly beneficial during physical fitness activities as it monitors the maximum heart rate which can be achieved and maintained while working out. oppo f11 pro

The Oppo F11 Pro comes with an impressive list of accessories including the power cord, data cable, ear phone, micro SD card, battery and many others. These accessories however tend to be quite expensive when compared to the basic phone but the high quality construction and the advanced technology used in them ensures that the users get value for their money. The built in infrared LED scanner of the Oppo F11 Pro along with the iris display are both capable of providing brilliant images even in low light conditions. The data cable and the ear phone are both capable of providing crystal clear sound quality. There is no doubt that the Oppo F11 Pro offers true value for money with its superb photographic performance and stylish looks.

The Oppo F11 Pro comes with two variants namely the standard and the premium variant. Both variants of the Oppo F11 Pro are quite impressive and offer excellent camera performance. The basic model of the Oppo F11 Pro retails for a price of around 401 GBP and can be purchased directly from the Oppo website. However, there is a special offer currently underway which is aimed at reducing the price to an extent that the basic variant can be purchased for as low as 99 GBP. All those who want to participate in this offer should visit the link provided for more information.

The third variant of the Oppo F11 Pro comes with the High Definition camera. This model has been equipped with a 4.2 Mega pixels camera which is quite adequate when it comes to taking high resolution images. The internal memory of this model is also considerable and matches the memory capacity of the regular version. Under normal circumstances, the transfer of data from the regular version to the High Definition version of the Oppo F11 Pro takes around 20 minutes. All those who are looking for a decent camera with good image quality at an affordable price should definitely consider this variant of the Oppo F11 Pro.

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